John Sweeney Overview


On September 2, 2003, John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School officially opened. Located on 185 Activa Avenue in Kitchener, the school was named after Mr. John Sweeney, one of Waterloo Region’s most respected Catholic leaders. A family man, educator, school board director, cabinet minister, community volunteer, and role model for Catholics young and old, he left behind an unmatched legacy of leadership, caring, and commitment. The school community celebrated the blessing and dedication of John Sweeney Catholic School on October 26, 2003 which was attended by Bishop Anthony Tonnos. John Sweeney’s wife, Kay Sweeney, their children and families were also in attendance and were very proud to have a school named in his honour.

John Sweeney Catholic School is a community of excellence in mind, body and spirit. The staff are appreciative of their faith and invested in every single child. They foster an environment conducive to learning that instills, in each student, a love of Jesus and an appreciation of his or her Catholic faith. The mutually respectful atmosphere at John Sweeney School helps learners create a relationship with our Lord. The entire curriculum, whether it is in language, math, the arts or technology is presented to the students in an engaging, inspiring and challenging way. The staff work to ensure that each student, in a Christ – centred, learner-focused environment, develops his or her capabilities and a desire to transform the world into a just and loving society with the gifts of the Catholic faith. We focus on equipping our students with 21st Century knowledge and skills through engaging students as partners in their own learning and emphasizing the higher-order thinking skills.

John Sweeney Catholic School engages parents and the Parish of Blessed Sacrament Church by bringing all partners together for celebrations, liturgies and masses that are planned to foster a true sense of community.

John Sweeney Catholic School radiates uniqueness and inclusivity. It is the energy and exuberance of students and staff members that make the school community extraordinarily special. Numerous clubs and teams are organized allowing students to participate in a fulfilling educational experience. All students are cherished and respected for the gifts and talents they share with the entire community.

Students and staff at John Sweeney Catholic School are conscious of the importance of social justice initiatives and their role in truly making a difference in the world. Students actively donate their time, energy and talents to raise money for countless fundraisers. They generously bring in canned goods, toiletry items, school supplies, etc. for several charities and shelter organizations, and actively take care of our environment with local initiatives.

It is the hope of all families and staff that the children who attend John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School will always be inspired to reach their full potential and become the compassionate, caring, and dedicated citizens that made its namesake such a treasure in the community. John Sweeney Catholic School inspires children, families and staff to be fully present in mind, body and spirit as they live, learn and grow together in the Holy Spirit.