Holy Spirit Overview

Holy Spirit School officially opened in 2001 in Southeast Cambridge in a rapidly growing community that was settled by many European families from second and third generation immigrants. The school was named after the feast of the Holy Spirit which is celebrated by all the peoples of the Azores Islands. The name has a special place in the heart of the Portuguese community. Also at the time, the parish priest wanted to recognize the Holy Spirit’s place in Catholic spirituality and requested the name. It was agreed upon, that the school spiritual and sacramental life would be informed by the theology and traditions associated with its namesake, the Holy Spirit. And so it is that the SPIRIT truly enlivens our school community and is felt by all who visit. Holy Spirit School truly is a community, united in faith, which treasures the special gift of “Catholic Education!”

Holy Spirit School is currently home to 621 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school building is a fantastic facility with a large gym, wonderfully equipped library space, inviting foyer, large school yard and a welcoming neighbourhood community. Originally, the school was built for only 350 students but quickly had to adjust and additions were added in 2004 and again in 2015. This community continues to grow and is one of the largest schools in the WCDSB.

Our students, staff and parents are the foundation of our great school community. Numerous activities and initiatives are examples of the positive difference that are made each day when we work together toward creating a school climate that supports gospel values, student learning, and the realization of the best educational environment possible. Some of the ways our student’s efforts are celebrated include: Academic Success (showing progress in learning and a “growth mindset”), Athletics Programs and Sports Teams (We are, “Home of the Flames!”), Intramurals (e.g. Primary P’Noodle), Craft and Badminton Clubs, Pompom Spirit-meter Rewards, Eco-Team Initiatives, Folk Dance Team, annual Crowning of Mary Celebration, Kindergarten Roots of Empathy Program, Christian Meditation, Mount Mary Spiritual Retreat, Intermediate Ballroom Dancing Program/Team, and so much more…

We are truly fortunate to have such an energized and active School Council! Our Holy Spirit Parent Advisory Council meets regularly and is instrumental in supporting activities and resources that enrich the learning environment of our students. Our naturalized play-space and greening initiatives, Family Advent Mass, Christmas Turkey Luncheon, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast, and Fitness Frenzy Fundraiser are just some of the many wonderful ways that our community benefits from our Council’s continued support!

We are equally proud of our strong connection to our parish, St. Ambrose Church! Sacramental Preparation, School Masses, school visits by Father Irek and the Sisters are just some examples of the special ways they enrich our community. We are grateful for their faith leadership and the many ways they help strengthen our faith community!

We look forward to you visiting Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School one day soon and extend all, continued blessings! We are proud of the positive “SPIRIT” or “positive energy” that is readily felt by all who visit and we hope to see you soon! It is easy to see that our school COMMUNITY is AWESOME and is a “Witness to Hope!”