Dear St. Louis Students, Parents and Guardians and Community Partners:

Wednesday morning, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board received notice that a full Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) strike may commence on Monday October 7th, if an agreement is not reached this weekend.

If the strike proceeds, this will mean CUPE members will not report to work.  Our CUPE staff here at St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres are incredible Administrative Assistants who support all programs in our Kitchener Main campus office, Secondary School Credit and Guidance offices, ESL/LINC sites, Core Essentials, Culinary Arts, Hairstyling & PSW programs and our various satellite campuses.  They do extraordinary work to support all students to be successful and the work of all our teachers, instructors and managers.

As a follow-up to the October 2nd news of a possible CUPE strike, all Waterloo Catholic District School Board schools may be closed.  These schools mentioned would be all the Elementary & Secondary Schools in the Catholic school board – not the Public school board.

St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres are very proud to be part of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

All programs at all St. Louis locations will remain open in the event of a strike next week and classes will be running daytime, evening and Saturday as per our usual schedule.

But it will NOT be ‘business as usual’.

At this time there will be no new student registrations for:

  • Term 2 Secondary School Credit;
  • Correspondence; and
  • English Language classes (ESL and LINC programs).

Guests and partners will have their campus visits and services rescheduled until after labour disruptions are resolved.

St. Louis students who are also parents of children who attend our Catholic Elementary and Catholic Secondary Schools are advised to arrange alternate care for their children.

As labour negotiations continue, we ask everyone to please check the St. Louis website over the weekend for updates. This will be your most important resource to get the most up to date information regarding St. Louis programming.

Alternatively, you can visit StLouisALC on Facebook or follow @StLouisWCDSB on Twitter.

For information regarding  possible school closures of Catholic Elementary & Catholic Secondary schools next week please visit the special Labour Updates web page at:

We are all hopeful for a satisfactory resolution to the negotiations in the days ahead.

Quick Facts:

  • St. Louis supports approximately 3000 learners at one time (ages 6 months to over 70 years old), meeting the continuing education needs of over 12 000 students annually.
  • St. Louis is funded by various ministries: Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services; the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities; Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Canada; and the Ministry of Education