While St. Boniface Catholic Elementary School in the rapidly growing community of Breslau is the Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s newest school, it is also the school with the longest history.

According to a detailed history of the School Sisters of Notre Dame’s Canadian Province, in 1836 the settlers of what was then New Germany (now Maryhill) established a church / school – a very small log structure which was replaced in 1848 by a sturdy stone building fifty by sixty feet dedicated to St. Boniface”.

The school didn’t receive electricity until 1937!

Today, when you step inside the bright and airy “new” St. Boniface, it’s hard to imagine those long-ago, candle-lit days.

The school – currently home to 275 students, and growing quickly — is a beehive of activity, with the school’s Learning Commons a key knowledge hub for all grades.

On a recent February morning, a group of intermediate grade students was gathered in the commons, working on a variety of Science / Technology / Engineering / Math (STEM) challenges.

In one part of the room, students were intently focused on studying a variety of specimens under microscopes, while in another corner, students worked in teams, racing a clock to see which group could successfully engineer and build a weight-bearing structure within a time limit.

Meanwhile, throughout the Learning Commons, the floor was filled with multi-coloured Spheros whizzing here and there.

Spheros are programmable tennis ball-sized robots that help introduce students to fundamental STEM concepts (such as coding) via play-based learning. Students program the Spheros to follow a pre-determined path on the ground (the same principle as a self-driving car).

And in yet another area of the Learning Commons, students worked on robotics tasks.

What’s notable here, is these activities are not just happening at St. Boniface because it is a NEW school.

All WCDSB schools and all WCDSB students have access to the same Quality, Inclusive, Faith-based education – which animates a key pillar of our Multi-year Strategic Plan (“Strengthen to Become”) which works to ensure “Every student reaches their full potential” and “Staff see their impact on student achievement”.

Whether 1836 or 1937 or 2023 — learning was, is and will always be a collaborative process.

And for almost 19 decades, our #WCDSBAwesome schools have placed offering “Success for Each” and creating “A Place for All” at the heart of all we do.

Just as the founders of our very first schools would have wanted it!

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