Complete Application Checklist for Teachers:

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is committed to providing reasonable disability related accommodations to enable individuals to participate in the recruitment and selection process.

Please contact extension 2368 at (519) 578-3677 of your needs in advance of any part of the process

In order to be considered for the opportunities, applicants are required to apply directly to the particular posting of interest. We encourage all applicants to sign up for the Job Alert feature found on the Apply to Education website. This feature will notify you when the WCDSB posts teaching jobs on

• Your application package is subject to the terms of the WCDSB Privacy Policy, APC 036, on the website under “About Us –Governance, By-Laws, Policies and Administrative Procedures”

• Only those applicants with complete applications who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

Online Apply to Education Application Form

  • All Applicants

Cover Letter

  • All Applicants


  • All Applicants

Ontario College of Teachers’ Certificate of Qualification (OCT Number)

  • All Applicants
  • New or soon-to-be graduates’ applications will be considered complete pending the receipt of this certificate.
  • New or soon-to-be graduates’ applications awaiting this certificate will be considered for an interview, but, if successful, will
  • be added to the list as an uncertified teacher until the certificate is received.

Copy of Baptismal Certificate

  • All Applicants
  • Please upload to the “Pastoral Reference” Section of the Apply to Education application.
  • A copy of a Catholic confirmation certificate is sufficient ONLY if you were baptized in affiliation with a Christian denomination other than Catholic.

Diocese Pastoral Reference & Declaration of Commitment (for Teachers)

  • To be considered for long term occasional and permanent teaching assignments applicants must provide a Pastoral Reference and a Declaration of Commitment
  • To be considered for daily occasional supply teaching assignments only a Pastoral Reference is not required however,  applicants are required to provide a copy of a Roman Catholic baptismal certificate from a Roman Catholic Church and a Declaration of Commitment.
  • These documents are available on the WCDSB website (link below).  Please complete both and upload to the “Pastoral Reference” Section of the Apply to Education application.

Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) Sum Report or Most Recent Performance Appraisals

  • All teachers who have had a TPA or formal performance appraisal

Practice Teaching Reports

  • All new or soon-to-be gradates from a Faculty of Education
  • Applicants who have not been employed in a permanent position for one (1) year or longer.Applicants who have not had a TPA or formal performance appraisal.

Undergraduate and If Applicable, Postgraduate University Transcripts

  • All new or soon-to-be gradates from a Faculty of Education
  • Applicants who have graduated fewer than five (5) years ago.
  • All applicants who are submitting practice teaching reports.

Two (2) Current Professional References

  • Employed by a School Board on a contract position within the last 24 months? – If YES, one reference must be the most recent, immediate supervisor.
  • Faculty of Education student within the last 12 months and not been employed by a School Board on a contract position? – If YES, one reference must be a Faculty of Education Advisor or Associate Teacher.
  • Returning to a teaching from a leave greater than 24 months? – If possible, seek professional and/or academic references or alternative may be personal character references.

Viewing Job Postings and setting up Job Alerts

  • Our jobs are posted on and can be viewed by clicking the Search Jobs button on the homepage.
  • To set up job alerts, open an account on Apply To Education and go to the Search Jobs page and click yes to receive job alerts anytime we post jobs that interest you.

Save Time Applying

  • Fill out ONE application and update it as often as you like – we will always see the current version. Visit our employment section at to see the documents we require in your application.

Sending Your Application

  • Applytoeducation is less expensive than paying to mail or fax an application.
  • For $12 you can apply to unlimited job postings with our School Board, and your application is visible to us for one year.
  • Take advantage of the applytoeducation free scanning service – no need to pay for multiple transcripts or photocopies of your documents.

Applying to Job Postings

  1. Complete the Who Can View My Portfolio page
  2. Go the Search Jobs page, click on the  +  to the left of Ontario
  3. Click on the  +  to the left of South West and select Waterloo Catholic DSB and click Search
  4. Click on the name of the posting you wish to apply to
  5. Once, the posting opens, ensure you have met all the criteria in terms of completing your application
  6. Click the apply button at the bottom of the page

 How do I confirm that I have applied to a posting?

After you click the Apply button:

  1. A pop up message will confirm your successful application
  2. A confirmation will also appear in your Job Application log