Community Planning and Facility Partnerships – APF012

Reviewed/Revised: October 2015


The purpose of this administrative procedures memorandum is to provide a framework to work with community organizations to benefit the board, students, and the community. The board’s primary responsibility is to support student achievement and safety. Within this context, the intent of this administrative procedures memorandum is to:

  • Reduce operating costs for school boards and government;
  • Improve services and supports available to students;
  • Strengthen relationships between WCDSB and community partners and the public;
  • Maximize use of public infrastructure through increased flexibility and utilization; and
  • Provide a foundation for improved service delivery for communities.

This procedure applies to arrangements for regular and consistent use of board facilities where such uses are operating during the normal school day (i.e. Monday to Friday; 6 am to 6 pm). For all other use of school facilities refer to APF002 – Use of School Facilities.